Shared Memories: Susan Laushway

My name is Susan Laushway and I am Caia's aunt. I wrote something for this page three years ago, but it was deleted by persons unknown and of course, I didn't have a copy. In retrospect, it may work out for the better this way.

I have been thinking of Caia, not that that is unusual, I often think of her. I go to her page just to see pictures of her and re-read the comments and stories of others who knew her. I remember her when I wear her watch, or the fleecy jacket. I have all the cards she sent me, and pictures to look at, but I don't need things to remind me of her.

I moved to Edmonton when Caia was nine, and after that I didn't see her often, mostly at family gatherings, but I was always interested in what she was doing. One of my memories of her as a child was when she chose her cat Hermi, from a day old litter. There were two tabbies practically indistinguishable from each other, and they didn't look like much anyway, but she knew which one he was. I still wonder how she convinced her mother to let her have him.

Although it would have been wonderful to have seen Caia more often, I realize now I really didn't need to, in terms of what I learned from her. I learned more from Caia than from any other person I know. She was all the things that have been said about her; gracious, strong, smart and independent, caring and fun. For me, her strength and courage were almost overwhelming, and I was able to find some strength and courage of my own from hers.

I am proud to have known her, proud to have been her aunt. She will continue to be part of my life for the rest of my life.