Shared Memories: Jennifer Pederson-Dahl

I was so shocked and sorry to hear about Caia's passing. We hadn't been in touch much since high school, but I had been searching for her online for some time. I wanted to send you a short note for your online memory book...

The last time I spoke with Caia, she asked me why I admired her so much. I brought out the usual list of positive Caia attributes, such as her integrity and strength of conviction, but I should have told her just how easy it was to come up with that list. I loved Caia's spirit, whether we were running down the Mackenzie King Bridge screaming, "Ice creaaaam" or discussing the true value of hugs. I would have trusted Caia with anything, and only wish I had seen more of her since high school.

I'm deeply sorry for your loss.

9 April 2007