Memorial Service: Josh Batley

Good morning everybody. For those of you that don't know me, my name is Josh Batley and I am Caia's cousin. I would like to thank everybody for coming this morning as we celebrate the life of Caia Miller.

Today we will be hearing from some of Caia's closest friends and relatives who will share their fondest memories of her with all of us and express to all of us what Caia brought to their lives.

I was very honoured when my Aunt June asked if I would be a part of today's ceremony and also giving me the opportunity to say a few words about Caia.

When I think about Caia, 3 words immediately come to mind...

These are only 3 of many many words that could be used to describe her.

She was loyal to her friends and family. Always there to help anybody out in a time of need or lend a helping hand on any occasion. Whether it was preparing drinks at family functions, hunting people down with her brother Sean at her uncle's memorial golf tournament and setting new records for the amount of tickets sold for a t.v. raffle or setting up the wireless internet network at her aunt's cottage after a trained IBM employee failed at his attempt, there was nothing Caia wouldn't do to help a member of her family or her friends.

The strength and courage Caia displayed over the past 10 years continuously blew my mind. We would regularly get updates on Caia's health and how she was making out. Just when you thought life had thrown her more than anybody could handle, Caia would fight through it and kick it square in the ass and come out with a huge smile on her face. Thinking back over the past 30 years, I can't think of a single time I ever saw Caia without that big smile on her face.